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Prior to founding Golden Landscape Design, Duane Tut has been involved with both large and small multi-disciplinary teams during his professional career.

Duane has valuable experience with a variety of project types from residential, commercial, civic, institutional, urban, environmental, ecological, drought tolerant, waterwise design, pre-development, environmental assessment planning, feasibility studies, master planning, and environmental assessment planning.

These project types are also diverse in their locations including project sites in United States, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Burma & the Middle East.

Duane's experience in both large and small multi-disciplinary offices have given him a strong appreciation of the entire process of a project from concept to completion and importantly an understanding of approaches to project management and client liaison. Through this invaluable experience, he can add value to any project whilst ensuring that the clients’ needs are clearly interpreted and met.

Golden Landscape Designs origins are from the Golden State of California and the Golden Land of Burma. Formed in early 2022 with over 20 years of experience in the landscape architecture field.


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